BCC Anniversary Dinner January 18th

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Check out our Events Calendar below. We have Out of Town Overnight Runs, Day Trips and an occasional Mystery Road Run. Truly something for everyone!

Members, see the section below to schedule a BCC event. Remember, it's Our Members that make BCC the Fast & Fun Club!


Monthly Meetings

Our monthly meetings are on the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 7:00 PM, excluding December & January. PT's Ranch, on Eastern & Pebble. Feel free to come on by and check us out!


Charity Minded

We close our books with a zero balance at the end of each year. Any excess funds are donated to a charity, voted on by the members. This year we are donating to the Injured Police Officers Fund, The IPOF

Blackjack Corvette Club Events

No upcoming events.

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Contact Dan to schedule an event or run here. He will work with you to set a date, help you with details, and offer advise & guidance to make your event fun for you to put together, and fun for all of our members to participate in!

Remember, the Development Director is here to assist you with your event, not to do it for you. It takes all of us working together to make Blackjack the Fast & Fun Club that it is!

Remember the Directors motto: "Sponger!"

Blackjack Corvette Club

Las Vegas, Nevada

Black Jack Video Shoot

Get a taste of some the action that's happening when we head out!

Blackjack Corvette Club Store

Sugar's Blackjack Store is open at all meetingS. She also has limited merchandise available on select runs. Cash or check only, please...

Things Are Moving Fast Now!

A Hard Target?


Jack has been moved to what appears to be a Fortified Hard Target Secure Location. The kidnappers are now using multiple layers of security. What this picture tells me is that the kidnappers are running scared, and have fortified Jacks confinement. Good news, actually. This indicates M.A.T.T. is closing in, and the kidnappers know it! 

Making a Break For It!


Looks like Jack has gotten the "Go!" Signal, and has stolen a piece of emergency equipment! Note the high tech communication device Jack is wearing. Could be things are about to get very real, or he's just listening to Elvis, or maybe The Monkeys...

Jack Has Been Transported!


Man, I hope Jack is okay!!! Looks like he is being transported by a M.A.T.T. ambulance. The media is obviously aware of the operation, and every news network is covering the rescue. Once Jack is medically cleared, he should be released. Assuming, of course, his head is in the right place. No word on the arrest or apprehension of any of the kidnappers...

Caravan Protocol, Event Fliers, and other Downloadable Files

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Corvette Caravanning (pdf)


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Blackjack Corvette Club

Every 3rd Tuedsday at 7:00 PM. (Excluding December & January) PT's Ranch 2430 Pebble Road, Henderson, NV. 89074

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