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Check out our Events Calendar below. We have Out of Town Overnight Runs, Day Trips and an occasional Mystery Road Run. Truly something for everyone!

Monthly Meetings

Our monthly meetings are on the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 7:00 PM, excluding December & January. PT's Ranch, on Eastern & Pebble. Feel free to come on by and check us out!

Charity Minded

We close our books with a zero balance at the end of each year. Any excess funds are donated to a charity, voted on by the members. This year we are donating to the Injured Police Officers Fund, The IPOF

Blackjack Corvette Club Events

No upcoming events.

Black Jack Video Shoot

Get a taste of some the action that's happening when we head out!

Blackjack Corvette Club Store

Sugar's Blackjack Store is open at all meetingS. She also has limited merchandise available on select runs. Cash or check only, please...

An Update Direct From Jack!

This Is Jack! I got into the system while the Kidnappers were away!

Help!  My kidnappers have finally gone too far!  They have thrown me into a room with a bunch of misfits...  And they are driving me CRAZY!!!  One guy calls himself George and walks around asking us questions all the time...  He is by far the most curious SOB I have ever met.  He keeps asking if we’ve seen a guy in a yellow hat.  I think he’s hungry for seafood and referring to the “Gorton’s Fisherman”....  (Look it up).  Secondly, there is this stupid duck that has the most annoying voice that sends shivers up my spine.  Every time I hear him I want to blow my head off...  He sounds just like that idiot comic Gilbert Godfrey.... Is that guy still alive?  Lastly,  there are several other spineless bastards that fart all the time.  I have never heard so much flatulence in my life.  It reminds of the fart scene in Blazing Saddles.  Please help!!!  I want to be returned to the warm bosom of my beloved BCC.

They're moving me!

I snapped this quick selfie while they were moving me one night. Don't have any idea where they are going, but it concerns me how much they move me around.

At least the kidnappers let me sit on a Corvette!

Well, at least they did let me sit on a Corvette. It seems somewhat familiar, but it was night time, so I couldn't get a real good look at it. Does this Vette look familiar to anyone?

Caravan Protocol, Event Fliers, and other Downloadable Files

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Corvette Caravanning (pdf)


Monster Mash Car Bash Flier (pdf)


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Blackjack Corvette Club

Every 3rd Tuedsday at 7:00 PM. PT's Ranch 2430 Pebble Road, Henderson, NV. 89074

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